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Our company

Traditional banking ceased to meet current international standards long ago and is not able to meet the needs of a modern person.

ELQUIREX is a company that keeps pace with progress. Our unique platform, created by a team of true professionals, allows you to perform all the necessary operations with cryptocurrencies. Storage of all assets in one multi-currency wallet, taking loans secured by cryptocurrencies, currency exchange with minimal fees - all these services are available to each of our users. Striving for continuous development in the financial services market, our team regularly offers new non-standard solutions. In order to ensure comfort for all users, the list of currencies available on the platform is regularly expanding.

Our mission

For a long time the owners of cryptocurrency assets could not use the financial products usual for the banking system. ELQUIREX company eliminates this gap. Now every crypto asset holder from anywhere in the world can open a cryptocurrency account and get an affordable loan.

Our values

Secure wallet

ELQUIREX professionals have created a convenient and reliable wallet in which your cryptocurrency assets are completely safe.

Striving for progress

We constantly find fundamentally new solutions for our platform and improve the existing ones.

New opportunities

The company presents a unique development that allows crypto holders to gain access to important financial products.

High level of trust

The ELQUIREX team values the trust of users and partners above all and strives to meet the expectations of the company.

Official registration

ELQUIREX LTD is a legal entity and is registered in compliance with international law. Accordingly, the company's activities are completely transparent and legal. All supporting documents are available for review to everyone on the official website.

SSL certificate

All customer information is protected by SSL encryption used by the platform. This allows you to repel cyber attacks, prevent data theft and any other attacks by intruders. The transfer of information via a secure protocol makes it completely inaccessible to third parties.

DDoS protection

The platform is 100% protected from DDoS attacks of any complexity due to the use of advanced tools and technologies. Multilevel traffic cleaning and other measures taken by our team ensure complete security of user data and our resource as a whole.

Dedicated server

Our own dedicated server ensures the correct operation of the resource as well as the possibility to effectively use the most complex security tools. The company guarantees the safety of user data and the security of all financial transactions carried out on the site.

Full confidentiality

All personal data are provided to our company by users voluntarily during the registration process on the site and during financial transactions. ELQUIREX guarantees the complete security of the information received, which is not subject to disclosure and transfer to third parties.

Deposit protection

All funds trusted to the company are protected by the ELQUIREX Internal Insurance Fund. The timely return of deposits and loans as a result of certain actions by the user or after the specified period is guaranteed. The company makes payments in order of priority in manual mode.


ELQUIREX is a legal entity registered. The company has received official permission to conduct financial activities and operates in compliance with international law. The internal legal department controls the legitimacy of each action we perform as well as monetary transactions conducted with the platform.

We provide an opportunity for our current and potential customers to familiarize themselves with the company's registration documents and make sure they are authentic. To do this just visit a special section on our official website, which will provide all the information you need. This feature is available for both registered users and visitors to the ELQUIREX platform who do not have an account.


  • Development
    The study of the legal part, the development of the interface.Preparation of documentation, obtaining licenses.

    Release of the early solution Pre-Alpha ...Alpha and Beta versions release. Testing.


    The final version of the exchange service elquirex.net Development of investment solution

    Investment Platform
    Integration of investment functionality on the platformOpening of investment portfolios for private investors

  • Expansion of functionality
    Multilingual support of the platformExpanding ways to receive funds. Loyalty program

    Switch to blockchain
    Transition from centralized management to personal blockchainCreation and implementation of blockchain services in the field of security


    Smart contracts
    Development and implementation of smart contractsTesting and integrating smart contracts

    Creating a universal merchant with a wide range of integrationAlpha release of blockchain for payment and exchange

  • Tokenization
    Tokenization of ELQUIREX LTD LIMITED assetsIntegration of bank transfer tokenization

    Development of a decentralized service based on the platform elquirex.net Opening DEX service for digital currency exchange


    Expansion of the number of shopping pairsIntegration of third-party services into the infrastructure

    Opening branches of the company worldwide

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