ELQUIREX informs all its customers that the company's employees are actively fighting mass mailings to people who have not given prior consent to receive advertising information. If there is reason to suspect that the partner is sending spam, then his account may be frozen for investigation or blocked forever.

The provisions of this document are subject to change at any time and in any volume. At the same time ELQUIREX does not undertake to notify customers of such actions in advance.

Representatives of ELQUIREX take all measures to prevent the mass mailing of promotional materials. Therefore the receipt of such letters by the partner indicates that he has given his consent to this.

Customers are solely responsible for the content of all materials originating from their e-mail boxes. If the level of complaints about spam from a certain e-mail exceeds the permissible level, then representatives of ELQUIREX may temporarily freeze or completely block the personal account of a user who violates the provisions of this document on the company's online platform.

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