Frequently Asked Questions


What is cryptoloan and how does it work?

What is a cryptoloan?

Why do I need a cryptoloan?

How to get a loan in your company?

Is identity verification necessary?

What commission is charged for using credit funds?

How fast will I get a loan?

How much loan can I get?

Cryptoloan is an easy way to get money for temporary use in US dollars secured by your cryptocurrency. To obtain a loan the client does not have to provide any information, have a good credit history and spend his/her time to wait. It is enough to place an application and make a deposit.

Cryptoloan allows you to use your personal funds at the same time preserving promising cryptocurrency assets.

To obtain a loan in Elquirex, you should select the appropriate option, indicate the desired loan amount, and then make a deposit. The funds will be credited to your account immediately after the processing and approval of your application by a company specialist.

Verification of identity is not required. To get a loan you just need to make a deposit and specify the acconut details for obtaining borrowed funds.

Elquirex offers the most affordable loans with a commission of 0.5% per day with an unlimited loan term.

It is issued after approval of the application by the staff of the company Elquirex. The duration of your waiting can be from 30 minutes to 12 hours.

You can make a loan payment of at least $ 100 at current exchange rates.


What are the mechanics and rules of exchange in your company?

What is cryptocurrency exchange?

Who needs to exchange cryptocurrency?

How to exchange cryptocurrency?

What currencies can I exchange?

What is the cryptocurrency exchange commission?

How long does the exchange take?

Cryptocurrency exchange is the process of converting one cryptocurrency into another with payment of a commission for services provided by the intermediary company.

The need for an exchange may arise for each owner of electronic coins if he wants to transfer his capital or part of it to another cryptocurrency.

You must select the appropriate option on our platform, specify a pair of cryptocurrencies for exchange, as well as the amount. After that, you will need to transfer the coins that you want to exchange to the company account, and then wait for the funds to arrive. We draw your attention to the fact that exchange operations on the platform are carried out manually, and therefore may require some time to be performed.

All cryptocurrencies available on the Elquirex platform are subject to bilateral exchange. In order to get relevant information on this question, check out the list of available cryptocurrencies.

The exchange commission is fixed and makes up 5% of the exchange amount.

The exchange operation is processed manually on the foirst-come basis, and therefore its duration can be from 30 minutes to 12 hours.


How to use a wallet on your website?

What is a crypto wallet?

How can I create a wallet on your resource?

What currencies can we store in the company's wallet?

What profit will I get for storing cryptocurrency in your wallet?

How long can I keep funds?

How much can I transfer to an account on your site?

What are the conditions for withdrawing cryptocurrency?

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Crypto wallet is an innovative software product that provides reliable storage of your crypto assets, as well as effective and convenient management of them. A multi-currency wallet has been created on our platform, which allows you to work with all popular cryptocurrencies.

You just need to go through the simple registration procedure. The whole process of creating a wallet will take several minutes.

The list of cryptocurrencies available for use on the platform and, accordingly, storage on our wallet is constantly expanding.At the moment you can store:

You can earn passively by simply using our wallet. Your income will be 0.1% per day of the total amount of each of the stored cryptocurrencies.

The storage period of funds on the wallet from the company Elquirex is unlimited.

In order to withdraw cryptocurrency from the wallet you need to log in, create a corresponding request for withdrawal of funds and wait for the receipt of funds. The accrual will be made as soon as possible after processing the application in the order of priority.

The minimum amount that you can replenish the balance is: 0.0005 BTC, 0.02 ETH, 10 XRP, 0.1 LTC, 20 USDT, 20 USDC, 2000 DOGE, 250 TRX, 0.0005 WBTC, 0.03 BCH, 0.1 DASH, 50 XLM and 0.15 ZEC

Withdrawal of funds is carried out automatically after you create an application. You can withdraw amounts not less than: 0.0005 BTC, 0.1 ETH, 10 XRP, 0.1 LTC, 50 USDT, 50 USDC, 2000 DOGE, 250 TRX, 0.0005 WBTC, 0.03 BCH, 0.1 DASH, 50 XLM and 0.15 ZEC

The withdrawal of funds from the Elquirex platform can take between 5 minutes and 48 hours. This may be due to the load on the network, the commission fees and other factors of the Blockchain system and similars, which, unfortunately, we cannot influence.


How can i make a profit and how do investments work?

In what currency can I create a deposit?

Do you have a referral program?

What investment plans do you have?

What are the limits for creating a deposit?

What financial sources are used to pay investment rewards to partners?

Currently we work with the following currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT, USDC, DOGE, TRX, WBTC, BCH, DASH, XLM, ZEC

Yes, you will receive 7 and 3% of the amount of deposits created by your referrals 1 and 2 levels.When the amount of investments by your level 1 referrals reaches $ 1000, you will have access to level 3 of the referral team with a rate of 2%

We have developed individual investment plans for each currency, they can also vary depending on the market situation.

Each currency has its own limits for investing and they depend on the value of the currency at the moment.

A significant part of the commissions we receive for currency exchange and lending services is invested in the development of the company and the promotion of the platform. Thus, we create a budget for the payment of rewards to users.

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