Privacy Policy

The ELQUIREX user agreement is a document fixing the list of conditions and rules, in case of compliance with which it becomes possible to cooperate with the company. Its provisions regulate the procedure for providing customers with access to an online platform and a full list of its services. Competent ELQUIREX employees have the right to add new items to this document, as well as to delete, supplement or modify existing ones. At the same time the company is not obliged to inform customers that the User Agreement will be or has been edited. The provisions of this document apply not only to the official platform, but also to all other resources owned by ELQUIREX.

The information requested by the client can be provided by support staff not only on ELQUIREX owned resources, but also on other sites that have company pages and communities. Among these sites there are,,,, However, one should take into account the fact that the sites mentioned above are not owned by ELQUIREX and, accordingly, company employees cannot manage them. Therefore, this document does not apply to these social networks. Users who have a personal account on the official website of ELQUIREX, a priori agree with each of the provisions of this document. If the client disagrees with any of the rules or conditions specified here, they must immediately stop interacting with the company.

ELQUIREX notifies all its partners that the User Agreement can be changed in any way at any time. Customers can reread this document an unlimited number of times to track the changes.


All software, unique logos, buttons, text information, audio and video data, as well as images and designs available on the ELQUIREX platform are the property of the company. The listed materials are protected by the provisions of international copyright law.

Using platform materials

The functions provided by this resource, as well as the materials located on it, can only be used if the provisions of the Privacy Policy and User Agreement are strictly observed. The distribution and copying of data posted on the platform is prohibited, except the cases provided in this document.

Reservation of Rights

ELQUIREX may block the client account and thereby refuse the user to provide services. The explanation of reasons for taking such measures is not the responsibility of the company. The list of services is also subject to any changes by the company at any time and without informing customers about it.

Information about the client that was provided personally by him creating the account, as well as cooperation with the company, is protected by the Privacy Policy and is not subject to disclosure. Data can be transferred to the competent authorities by prior request only in cases stipulated by the provisions of the current legislation. Information may be disclosed for:

  • compliance with the terms of interaction of the company ELQUIREX and its clients, specified in this document;
  • clarification of specific circumstances in case of conflicts to resolve them by the court;
  • taking measures aimed at ensuring the technical, legal and general security of the company, users of the platform ELQUIREX, its employees and the public.

Fraud protection

The financial transactions within the framework of the company ELQUIREX is carried out under the supervision of its employees, with strict observance of the current rules for processing payments. This allows you to prevent all kinds of illegal and fraudulent actions by attackers. The company has the right not to process the transaction in the event that there are assumptions that the purpose of the financial transaction is a fraud and it will be executed with a clear violation of the law. The measures described are aimed at ensuring the safety of ELQUIREX, all employees of the company and the public.

The company declines all responsibility for the appropriation of user funds by third parties upon his / her voluntary disclosure of access to a personal account for sharing with third parties. ELQUIREX employees strongly recommend that you do not share your personal username and password with anyone. This will ensure the maximum level of security for your personal account.

Return policy

The company considers customers' applications for the return of personal funds transferred to ELQUIREX only when the user places a request within the specified time frame, and also in accordance with the rules established by the User Agreement. The administration may not consider such a request if the client's requirements are not justified.

In case of a conflict between the client and ELQUIREX, if the achievement of a mutually satisfactory solution is not possible without the involvement of third parties, the company initiates legal proceedings. In the event that any of the provisions of the Privacy Policy is declared invalid by a court decision, its other provisions shall remain valid.

General Provisions

Each registered user of the online platform ELQUIREX confirms by default that at the time of creating the account he or she reached the age of 18 years. He or she also a priori agrees that their interaction with the company is not a violation of the current legislation of the state where they have citizenship. The client may use the data provided by the company, as well as materials posted on the online platform ELQUIREX, only for educational, informational and personal purposes.

Responsibility for paying taxes, the accrual of which is the result of getting due to cooperation with the company, rests entirely on the users of the platform. Payments are made in accordance with the legislation of the country of citizenship of each client.

If a financial transaction is performed in compliance with the rules that are set in this document, then it is completed and irreversible.

A client cannot have two or more personal accounts on the company’s website. Monitoring compliance with this rule helps prevent any fraud.

Violation of any of the provisions of the User Agreement by the user entails the termination of cooperation at the initiative of the company. Employees of ELQUIREX should take all available measures to prevent such violations, namely: limiting the functionality of a personal account, suspension of charges, deletion of an account without the right of subsequent restoration and others.

You are not allowed to access or use the Platform if you are located, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a citizen or resident of the United States of America. If Elquirex determines that you are accessing the Platform from any Restricted Jurisdiction, or have given false representations as to your location of incorporation, establishment, citizenship or place of residence, Elquirex reserves the right to close any of your accounts immediately.

Platform users are notified that in case of violation of at least one of the provisions of the Privacy Policy, the account may be permanently blocked.

ELQUIREX AML Policy is an online platform that was created for the safe storage of cryptocurrencies, exchange transactions, cryptoloaning and investment activities under the guidance of professionals. The company undertakes maximum efforts to prevent violations of applicable law by customers, including money laundering. In ELQUIREX there is a security department that carefully monitors all transactions in order to avoid clients financing, using the company’s name or services, any criminal activity, including terrorist activity (hereinafter - AML policy).

Taking special measures, the security department identifies violators whose purpose is to use the platform for fraud, as well as other actions that violate the provisions of the law. Each financial transaction that is performed using the platform is subject to a thorough check of legality. Thanks to this measure, the company’s administration prevents money laundering when using the platform, as well as other violations of the law.

The AML policy provides for the mandatory processing of information confirming the transaction, as well as personal data. In addition to representatives of ELQUIREX, information processing can be initiated by:

  • police and customs;
  • financial intelligence units;
  • ministries and other executive bodies;
  • courts of all instances;
  • supervisory authorities and the central bank;
  • legislative bodies.

All customers of the company are immediately warned about the right of employees to request additional information in order to identify the user's identity. ELQUIREX may request such data at any time.

ELQUIREX employees may contact the government or law enforcement authorities if the client violates the terms and conditions set forth in the AML Policy and user agreement. According to international laws, the company reserves the right not to inform the client that his/her data have been transmitted to representatives of the competent authorities. Suspension of processing a client request is possible at any stage of a financial transaction if violations of the provisions of the current legislation have been identified.

ELQUIREX has the right to request additional information about the user if it is necessary to conduct an investigation within the company, as well as for a standard check. The basis for such an investigation is the discovery by the administration of suspicious actions by the user or a complaint filed against him. In addition to the above, employees of the relevant department may request personal information for research activities, as well as statistics. In this case, the company can both notify the user about the reasons for such a request and not notify.

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