Terms of Use

The ELQUIREX User Agreement is a set of conditions for interaction with the company, the rules for providing services and access to the official website and the full list of its functions. The administration may in any amount change the points of this document without notifying the customers. The terms of the agreement apply not only to this site, but also to other resources owned by ELQUIREX.

Representatives of the company have the right to give answers to users' questions not only on the official resources of the company, but also on third-party sites where the active ELQUIREX pages were created, namely twitter.com, bitcointalk.org, plus.google.com, facebook.com, instagram.com. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that these resources are not controlled and not subject to management by the representatives of the company, and therefore this user agreement does not apply to them.

All clients by default agree to each clause of the user agreement and privacy policy. A user who does not agree with any provision of these documents should not make financial transactions on the sites belonging to the company and immediately stop any interaction with ELQUIREX. All customers are notified of possible changes to this agreement at any moment. Each user can track changes made by re-reading the document.


All materials of the resource, namely: texts, logos, buttons, audio and video files, software products, design and pictures are the property of the company ELQUIREX. Protection of the site content is carried out in accordance with the provisions of international copyright laws.

Use of platform materials

Use of the resource functions and the materials available on it is permissible only in accordance with all points of this document and the privacy policy. In the process of interaction with the company, the client may not copy or distribute materials that are the property of ELQUIREX, except as specified in the user agreement.

Saving rights

The company is authorized to refuse the provision of services to the client and block access to his account. In this case the company employees have the right not to explain the reasons for taking such measures. ELQUIREX can make changes to the list of services provided without notifying the customer in advance.

Personal information of the user cannot be transferred to third parties or disclosed, except as provided by law. Data transfer to third parties is possible for:

  • litigation at the request of competent persons;
  • compliance with the conditions of interaction with the company;
  • ensuring technical, legal and general security of ELQUIREX, as well as the safety of employees, customers of the company and society as a whole.

Fraud protection

All financial transactions made on the site are subject to control by ELQUIREX employees, which is carried out in accordance with internal rules for processing payments. Such measures are aimed at preventing fraud and other actions that violate current laws. The company may refuse to process a financial transaction if it has a reasonable suspicion that it has illegal or fraudulent motives. Compliance with these rules can significantly increase the level of security for customers, employees of ELQUIREX as well as third parties.

The company cannot be responsible for appropriating client's funds by third parties in the event that they are granted access to a personal account for sharing. The security department strongly recommends not to disclose the username and password.

Refund policy

ELQUIREX undertakes to consider each application for a refund if all the rules specified in this document as well as the time of application are adhered to. The company has the right to refuse to return funds in the absence of compelling reasons for this kind of request or at its discretion. In the event of a dispute between ELQUIREX and the client, if it is impossible to resolve it without the intervention of third parties, it is necessary to refer the case to court. If, by decision of the judiciary bodies, any item in this document is deemed invalid, all other of its provisions remain valid.

General provisions

A client who agrees with all the provisions of this document and uses the services of the company confirms by default that he has reached the age of 18. In addition, he confirms that the interaction with ELQUIREX does not contradict the current legislation of the state of which he is a citizen.

Using materials owned by the company and posted on the site https://elquirex.net/ is permissible only for educational, informational and personal purposes. Responsibility for tax payments, which are the result of doing business on the platform ELQUIREX, are entirely assigned to the user. Taxes must be paid in accordance with the laws of the state of which the client of the company is a citizen.The financial transaction, which was carried out in compliance with the provisions of the user agreement, is perfect and irreversible.

One client may create not more than one account on the website of the company ELQUIREX. Compliance with this rule helps prevent cases of cheating and fraud. In the event of violations of the terms of the user agreement by the client, the company reserves the right to refuse to provide services. The administration may suspend all types of payments, limit the functionality of personal accounts and user accounts, and take other measures aimed at preventing violations of any points of this document.

If it is found that the user violated at least one clause of the user agreement, the company has the right to block his account without the possibility of subsequent restoration.

AML policy

ELQUIREX is an exchanger with which everyone can perform the necessary financial operations. The company undertakes to prevent actions of laundering funds obtained by illegal means, and to prevent any unlawful actions that violate current legislation. ELQUIREX also impedes the financial support of terrorist and other criminal activities (hereinafter - AML policy).The administration uses all legal means to identify violations and individuals who are trying to use the platform and the accounts created on it to commit fraudulent and other unlawful acts. The company carefully checks the legality of each financial transaction conducted through the service. These measures prevent capital laundering and other violations of existing laws when using the name ELQUIREX.

AML policy establishes the need to process data that verify the user's identity and confirm the conduct of monetary transactions. Such information can be processed and at the request of authorized bodies, namely:

  • police, customs and other law enforcement agencies;
  • legislative bodies;
  • ministries and executive authorities;
  • control authorities, including the central bank;
  • financial intelligence units;
  • courts.

Each user is a priori informed about the possible request by the administration of ELQUIREX for additional information to confirm or establish his identity at any stage of interaction.If the user violates the AML policy or current legislation in the course of work on the site: https://elquirex.net/, the company can transmit this information to the government and law enforcement agencies. According to current international legal norms, the administration is not obliged to notify the violator about the notification of the relevant bodies about his actions. Termination of the processing of a user's request in case of identifying signs of money laundering or other violations is possible at any stage of a financial transaction.

ELQUIREX has the right to request additional customer data for regular checks or investigations. The reason for starting an investigation is the identification by the company's administration of suspicious actions by a user or a complaint of another client. Additional information may also be requested for conducting research of the company's internal processes based on random selection. In this case the administration may or may not notify the client of the reason for requesting information at its own discretion.

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